Jesus Christ, The Savior...

Jesus Christ was also a spirit child of our Heavenly Father. Jesus is actually our brother, Heavenly Father's First Born. He came to Earth for the same basic reasons we came. Only Christ came with a High and Holy mission - Saviour of the World.

It was important for The Savior to have very specific powers to accomplish His mission. To acguire those powers, He had to have both a Mortal Mother (Mary) and an Immortal Father (God). This is why we call Christ "The only begotten of the Father in the flesh". While we are all begotten "spirit" children of our Heavenly Father, here on earth we are only begotten of mortal parents.

As a mortal, Christ lived as we live. He was tempted as we are tempted. He suffered as we suffer. He understands the mortal experience as we do. He understands it even more because His life was richer, His temptations were greater and His suffering was more intense than we can imagine. Plus, He had the added temptation to use His immortal powers to negate any mortal inconveniences, like hunger, pain and poverty.

Throughout His life, Christ was severely tried and tested, culminating in the Garden of Gethsemane and again on the cross at Golgotha, the site of His crucifixion. Something remarkable happened during his ordeal in the Garden of Gethsemane which enabled Him to feel the regret, anguish and pain of every possible combination or degree of regret, anguish and pain we collectively suffer.

Christ's excruciating pain and suffering became the price He paid on our behalf for all the evil we've perpetrated against God, each other and ourselves. It also became the point of insight for Him, seeing first hand all we suffer, where it's no fault of our own; sickness, disease, death, accident and harm from others. His own crucifixion became the prime example of innocence suffering at the hands of others. No mortal understands what He went through, except for microscopic glimpses on occasion where we truly feel sorrow for our own sins or suffer a degree of anguish over a loved one's mistakes.

No one can say, "Christ never had cancer, so how can He know what I'm going through?" No one can say, "Jesus wasn't raped, so how can He know what I've lost?" HE KNOWS! Christ suffered vicariously for all of us. He knows first hand, from his own experience, what you've lost and what you're suffering. He was viciously pierced. He bled from every pore. His concern for YOU added to his anguish. He knows you intimately. He saw you in Gethsemane. He saw you again, as he hung from a cross in Golgotha. He was more concerned about you than for Himself! No one can say the Savior doesn't understand what they're going through!

Having suffered for the sins of all mankind, He was now ready to exercise the gift of immortality. Christ could now do something for us we could not do for ourselves. He passed from this earthly existence into the spirit world with the power to return for his body. After three days in the spirit world, He returned to take up his mortal body and became the first among our Heavenly Father's children to be resurrected.

Now, Jesus Christ could stand before His Father, our Father, and intercede for us. This is where the great question is now answered, "Why, if there is a God, can He allow such terrible things to happen?" It is because Christ the Saviour completed the long awaited Atonement, giving him the power to eradicate the results of every evil ever imagined and repair its damage - if we would repent. The Atonement is the key that allows us to have all these horrible experiences, to learn good from evil, and still survive.

This was the plan from the beginning. We could only come here if there was a way to escape. Christ provided that way, through His Infinite Atoning Sacrifice. We knew this from the beginning. We had the faith then, that no matter what happened here, Christ's Atonement would repair that damage AS THOUGH IT NEVER HAPPENED! and still retain the lessons learned, if we would let go of our sins and repent.

We cannot overcome death. We cannot make amends for our sins. We cannot repair the damage others have done to us because of their sins. But, Jesus can. Jesus has. Jesus Christ endured our pain and anguish and reconciled our sinful lives with His perfect life and Atoned for our sins!

If you've experienced the Atonement of Christ in your life, you know...

You know! You know! You know!

Nothing is so exquisite as the cleansing feeling of the Atonement. Nothing is so exquisite as the peace that comes. Nothing is so exquisite as the joy that will be yours forever.

It takes a little faith and prayer
to learn that this is true.
And then the Holy Ghost can come
confirm the truth to you.

It's my testimony that Christ's Atoning Sacrifice is real. After calling on God for my own redemption, I felt the cleansing power of the Atonement sweep through me like a fire; burning away the wickedness and guilt I harbored for the things I did wrong. I can't explain how it happened. I can only share my gratitude that it did. When the day comes for you to have the same experience, we will be kindred spirits. We'll have a shared knowledge the world will never know of. Unexplainable and unattainable, except through the Atonement of Christ. And, to you who know as I do - isn't it wonderful?


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